Breathe. Cook. Have fun!

Soul Pot is an open space where you can cook, share, eat, learn…
but most importantly, have fun!

It’s about finding freedom, naturalness, passion and fun while you are cooking as well as you are living.


I’m a real food maniac and a yoga teacher too, born and raised in Italy, among the leafy hills of Umbria, land of olive trees and with one of the oldest gastronomic traditions in the world.

I have been cooking food for others since I was 14 and the best compliment I have ever received is that I cook like my gran.
But at this point of my life destiny led me to the Southern hemisphere and now I am discovering  Johannesburg, as I moved here recently with my husband Luca.

For me cooking is the key to feeling at home in any place and a ritual to be shared with others.
It’s joy and passion! That’s how my project came to light.

Italian cooking classes, regional specialities workshops and, for those who likes it, a touch of yoga to feed the soul as well.

Omnivores, vegans, lovers of the good life or just curious by nature: you are all Welcome!

“Learn how to cook, try new recipes,
learn from your mistakes, be fearless.
And above all, have fun”

Julia Child